Photo shoots, A-listers, and limousines

There must be something about being a photographer that makes me want to rank with the best and most notable lens aces. Sure, there’s National Geographic level, but I’ve always connected more with the Annie Leibovitz’s of the world.
To see the John Lennon and Yoko Ono shoots (made famous in “Rolling Stone” magazine) puts a timeless stamp on the art of photography. The kind that makes you ask, “who shot that?”
That’s who I want to rank with.
I can fantasize sometimes about doing a shoot – planned or better yet, unplanned – of some major celebrity rolling up in a shiny black stretch limo, setting foot upon some red carpet in Hollywood. The sunlight at sunset just right, creating the perfect lighting glow on their skin and smile.
The real prize would be the expression on their face that captures the moment – whether it’s nervousness, fatigue, joy, calm, or whatever “defines” the celebrity.
I’m not really into celebrities per se, but it just seems like being a portrait photographer on a more mobile level creates a real challenge: capturing the moment amidst the chaos.
Then again, there are artists like Madonna and David Lee Roth that understand and appreciate the art of photography, and this would be fun as well to pose them. These are artists that know their image, and would be a collaborator in the crafting of an epic design. I’m sure I could learn a few things.

My new thing has been to go and see bands play at clubs and practice my shutter clicking. It’s a challenge to shoot in a low light environment, let me tell you. But the payoff is to get the lighting right, and snap a shot of the musician in mid-scream or whatever contorted expression makes good art.


Here’s a shot of one of my favorite Minneapolis bands, Hollowstone. This is a nice pic of their singer, Chelsea Wrathchild. She’s clearly singing an intense part of the song, but I just love her expression. It’s up to the viewer to interpret, but to me, it spells “rock star.”

More artists please! 🙂