Concert shoots update

Sorry it has been a while since I logged in. I haven’t been shooting much since I am planning for my wedding next month. But I had a major breakthrough last weekend. I have been doing photo shoots of various concerts in the area, and I have struggled with motion blur in darker venues. It has been a big challenge for me and has been extremely frustrating.

I decided, what the hell? I may as well just play with settings that go against the training I have had.  Well, lo and behold to, I discovered that the ISO settings have been way too low for my shoots – usually in the 800 range, which is normally recommended. But I decided to just jack the settings and went to 3200 – what a difference! I am now able to shoot at 1/30 second shutter speed and my shots have been outstanding.

Eureka! 🙂

nick_pickle_park Cheat-Sheet-May2015