Building Photography Basics – What Should You Know?

I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I posted. It was a long winter, but now that Spring has sprung, I’ve renewed my passion for photography. It’w wonderful to see nature come to life again. I thought I would write about the basics to help myself refresh the fundamentals.

Photography is a visual art form that, just like painting, relies on a set of basics to help aspiring artists go from absolute beginner to professional photographer. And what are these photography basics?

The first basic principle we would like to share with you is called the Law of Thirds. Law of Thirds just refers to where you should place your subject. Take a look at the viewfinder and mentally divide the scene into three parts horizontally and vertically.

If your camera has a function that draws three lines across horizontally and three lines vertically, even better. It would be easier to determine where you should place your subject. As you are taking pictures, make sure that your main subject is one of the one-thirds of the frame. Do not put it in the middle.

Another basic principle in photography is the principle lighting. You should always take your picture where the light is pouring down on the subject. Do not click when the subject is against the light, unless if you want for your pictures to look dark.

The principle of the law of thirds and taking pictures with full light are really just some of the photography basics that anyone interested in photography should take to heart. I did this recently for a shoot for a door company ( and had to remind myself of this rule. There are many other so-called basic principles that you need to take note of. For your own sake, get a 101 photography so you have a reference. But in order for you to hone your skill, make sure you that your join photography clubs and allow yourself to be mentored by people who are better than you.

As you are learning, make sure to take lots and lots of pictures because that is the only way that you can increase your skill.