Spring has finally sprung

At long last… SPRING has arrived and the air is clean and clear again. A perfect time to get some photography in. It’s time to shake off the long cold winter and get outdoors.

I can’t wait to take my trusty Nikon out on some photo shoots. There’s always good wildlife shots to take when the grass starts to breathe real air again. The squirrels dig up the acorns they buried in Fall, the robins scurry from one spot to another looking for the awakening worm, and the green buds on the trees peek an open eye at the warming weather.

Once it’s greener I LOVE taking shots of the great lakes and streams of Minnesota. The ice melts and if you can find areas where it hasn’t melted all the way you can get some glacier-like ice patterns on the shorelines. But the sparkle of the water in those glorious X patterns look like butterflies of sunshine.

Here’s a shot I took while kayaking in Wisconsin. A beautiful reed area that I found as a shortcut on the Wisconsin River.

Long Live Spring and Summer!