Come on Dave, gimme a break…

Yesterday I referenced David Lee Roth when talking about photo shoots of celebrities. I should have said “David Lee Roth, circa 1979.” I watched his band, Van Halen, last night on late night television and wow! As cool as that guy is, his voice is just a shadow of what it used to be.

Sadly, it all made Van Halen a characiture of themselves. It was embarrassing. Yes, DLR came out with his nunchuk style swinging of his mic stand in the frenzy of the opening song which was cool, but it was soon apparent that he can no longer sing. Not only that but he lost his timing too. I’m a musician in addition being an amateur photographer, and he was out of time, out of tune, and outta luck. (deep cut Van Halen reference there…)

Hang it up Dave. It’s time. At this point, you’re a liability to the band. I get that you can make millions on this tour, but it’s looking like a money play more than supporting new music. By the way, A Different Kind of Truth is a GREAT album – please make more of those, and stop looking foolish on national television.